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無二 | MÚNI

Ultra Premium

Exclusively hand brewed and bottled in Japan

Listed by Michelin starred restaurants




Into the ultimate universe of sensations

Modern yet traditional, passionate yet smart, smooth yet sharp. ‘MUNI’ opens doors to a new cosmos of sensations. ‘MUNI’ has a luscious savory melon flavor with a touch of blueberry and pineapple. Its silky smoothness melts in the mouth leading to an ultimate sensation, second to none. 

Aroma on the nose

Fruity like Melon and pineapple, Floral like Neroli Flower

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Golden hue with a melon fragrance, semi full bodied, lusciously sweet and umami, with a vigorous long tail

Blooming aromas of melon along with a mixture of pineapple and blueberry. The semi full-bodied junmai ginjo has an elegant hue of light gold. The well-balanced sweetness and umami flavor set a rich and firm tone. The silky smoothness enhances the lusciousness when the sake meets the palette. The aftertaste is long and impressively lingering, like a light passing through the darkened universe background.

Lucious complex notes on the palette

the sun ripened honeydew melon


the fling of blueberry


the juicy tropical pineapple



[無二] | 極上

MÚNI, “Second to none”


Exclusively designed & brewed by THE SAKE LAB

Listed by Michelin Starred restaurants

5 Star Customer Reviews


Origin: Nagano, Japan

ABV: 16.2%

Polish Rate: confidential

Size: 720ml

SMV: 0

Rice: 100% Hitogokochi

Class: Ultra-Premium

Aroma: Melon, Blueberry, Neroli flower

Taste: Melon, Blueberry, Pineapple

Serving Guide: Store in dry cool place. Enjoy the product within 2 days after opening. Chill till 45-50F(8-10C) before drinking

Food Pairing: Umami dishes like meat, roast vegetable, and pasta Or light dishes like sashimi or sushi

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[無二] | MUNI

“Second to none”

Ultra Premium

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