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Ultra Premium

Exclusively hand brewed and bottled in Japan

Listed by Michelin starred restaurants




Japanese snow melting on my heart

Snow falling down from the sky in a horizontal blur, white and gray, part and whole, various yet repetitious, soft and smooth, melts on the palms and on the hearts. By creating the 'Japanese snow' from organic Hitogokochi rice in this light junmai nigori, we want to bring you the authentic nostalgic Japanese winter taste.

Aroma on the nose

Light umami like steamed sweet rice, creamy like ice cream

Sticky Rice, THE SAKE LAB
Sticky Rice , THE SAKE LAB
Vanilla, , THE SAKE LAB



Natural sweetness derived from organic rice, creamy yet refreshing with a long dry finish

Combining the creamy smoothness and the refreshing cleanness together, Yuki ShinShin has both charming sides of a premium light junmai nigori. We intentionally leave the rice grains as a whole to bring a wholesomeness as it softly melts on the tip of the tongue when drinking it. The sweetness derived from the organic rice is just right and not overpowering, allowing the ling dry tail to soothe the experienced palate. Zero sugar added. A wonderful premium light junmai nigori for winter or summertime.

Lucious creamy notes on the palate

soft sweet rice


a bite of ice cream


the creamy milk


YukiShinShin , THE SAKE LAB

雪しんしん | 極上

YUKI SHINSHIN, “Deep deep snow”

Exclusively designed & brewed by THE SAKE LAB

Listed by Michelin Starred restaurants

5 Star Customer Reviews

Origin: Nagano, Japan

ABV: 7%

Polish Rate: confidential

Size: 720ml

SMV: -3

Rice: 100% Hitogokochi

Class: Ultra-Premium

Aroma: Sweet rice, ice cream

Taste: Creamy milk, sweet rice, ice cream

Serving Guide: Store in dry cool place. Enjoy the product within 2 days after opening. Chill till 45-50F(8-10C) before drinking. Or heat it up with water-heating method till 104F(40-45C). 

Food Pairing: Sweet dishes like hokkaido cookies, creamy ice cream. Or simply using as aperitif or dessert sake

YukiShinShin , THE SAKE LAB


“Deep deep snow”

Ultra Premium

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