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Business Solutions


1.  Exclusive premium sake wholesale

We create our own sake professionally and globally; brew them with our lifetime sake masters only in Japan. Using purely hand selected, premium, 100% natural ingredients, refined with modern techniques, devotion, and love, our sake is adored by our business partners, and has always been their top seller. 

2.  Collaborate sake label

We offer custom-brewing sake solutions for restaurant owners to create and brew your house sake with us and bring your restaurant to a higher level. As a professional sake design center and brewing house, we design, create, brew, manufacture, register, import, and deliver the final product right to your door. Serious buyers only.

3.  Industry consulting service

We offer a variety of consulting services to restaurant owners and local brewers to achieve your business goals so that you focus on your business priorities. Our services include but not limited to: Branding, Project management, Floor Team Training, Foreign Market Agency etc.

Professiona Sake Training
4.  Professional Sake Training

We have learned substantially from everyone in the sake industry and will continue to be a lifetime learner. With our professional achievements and practical industry experience, we want to train your team to help them advance in the sake & restaurant industry.

Private Venue


5.  Private Sake Tasting with meals

Hand picked by our licensed sake sommeliers and sake brewers, we offer the best seasonal selection for premium sake pairing and tasting. The sake tasting experience is combined with the fine dining Japanese dinner set, "Omakase". Limited seats per night. Please make reservation 48 hours before the assumed event.

Sake Tasting with meals
6.  Private Event

Partnered with industry-leading high end contemporary Japanese restaurants, we are accepting sake party buyouts for private events or company venues. Ambience, view, food, and sake, we guarantee you an eventful and unforgettable night.

7.  Personal Label

We help individual clients to design and brew their personal sake collection-----premium, private, one & only. Subtle and collective, it is the best way to present your personal image in a social event setting.

Private label
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