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酒は造らない、 瞬間を造る

We don't make sake, we make moments



Based in San Francisco, THE SAKE LAB is a professional sake house specialized in Japanese sake and relevant business.

Binding with award-winning brewers, we are sourcing the whole of Japan bringing our clients the limited brewed, ultra-premium, artisan sake, season after season.

We pay attention to every detail and cater to our clients' utmost special needs.

We partner with the best fine-dining restaurants in world class cities to create unforgettable dining and drinking experience.

Our mission is to reinforce industry landscape, bring new innovations, preserve sake culture, boost international trade prosperities, maintain  environment sustainability, and last not the least to raise the commonwealth of farmers, brewers, and all participants in this niche market.


Our vision and ambition are to create the most extravagant collection unconstrained by the conventional sake brewing industry. 

Our experts are fully certified and licensed in sake brewing, import, wholesale, distribution, consulting, food & beverage handling and government authority regulations.


Line of Business 

authentic, exclusive, ultra-premium Japanese sake

creating, brewing, import, and wholesale

restaurant sake custom brew solution


professional sake training, consulting, and industry practices


fine dining restaurant management & solutions

private venue & buy-out parties




Fully certified and licensed in sake brewing, importing, wholesale, distribution, consulting, food & beverage handling

U.S. National Sake Appraisal Judge

Sake Professional level I

Certified Sake Professional level II

Advanced Sake Professional level III

National Research Institute of Brewing Certified

The Culinary Institute of America Certified

Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association Gold Medal

Consecutively 14 years Winning and Continuing

Exclusively supply to 1,2,3 Michelin Starred Restaurants



201 Spear st., Floor 11, San Francisco, California 94105

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