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Ultra Premium

Exclusively hand brewed and bottled in Japan

Listed by Michelin starred restaurants




Like falling petals, like airy dreams

In Japan, ‘Hatsuyume’, the first dream of every new year is a foretelling glimpse of the future. Hatsuyume, with utmost delicacy, brings you the silky, relaxing, and dreamy experience that opens doors for the sensations.

Aroma on the nose

Floral like Lilac and Orchid

White Flowers_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
white lilac_edited.png
White Flowers_edited_edited_edited_edited.png


Silky, smooth, refreshing, light bodied, semi dry, and a clean quick airy tail

Inviting, romantic, lilac flowers open subtly on the nose. The light body allows an easy entry on the first note of a silky, umami, light-bodied smoothness calls to its name “first dream”, then a lingering of blueberry and starfruit.  Semi-dry tail with a quick airy note as the finish.

Silky, smooth, and refreshing notes on the palette

The smoothness of umami

旨味  米の香

The lingering of juicy blueberry


And delightful sweetness from fresh fig



初夢 | 極上

HATSUYUME, “First Dream”

Exclusively designed & brewed by THE SAKE LAB

Listed by Michelin Starred restaurants

5 Star Customer Reviews

Origin: Nagano, Japan

ABV: 15%

Polish Rate: confidential

Size: 720ml

SMV: 0

Rice: 100% Hitogokochi

Class: Ultra-Premium

Aroma: Lilac, Orchid

Taste: Umami, Blueberry, Fig

Serving Guide: Store in dry cool place. Enjoy the product within 2 days after opening. Chill till 45-50F(8-10C) before drinking

Food Pairing: Light dishes like flatfish sashimi, steamed sea bream, boiled tofu, light salad


“First Dream”

Ultra Premium

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