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Ultra Premium

Exclusively brewed and bottled in Japan

Listed by 1,2,& 3 stars Michelin restaurants




Like falling petals, like airy dreams

In Japan, ‘Hatsuyume’, the first dream of every new year is a foretelling glimpse of the future. Hatsuyume, with utmost delicacy, brings you the silky, relaxing, and dreamy experience that opens doors for the sensations.

Aroma on the nose

Floral like Lilac and Orchid

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Silky, smooth, refreshing, light bodied, semi dry, and a clean quick airy tail

Inviting, romantic, lilac flowers open subtly on the nose. The light body allows an easy entry on the first note of mint and starfruit. A silky, sweet, light-bodied smoothness calls to its name “first dream”. Semi-dry tail with a quick airy note as the finish.

Light, silky, and refreshing notes on the palette

The juicy blueberry


And fresh starfruit


An airy touch of lilac




Slowly and attentively fermented in below zero temperature

Extracting the purest water in Japan from the Yoda River, as it’s filtered through a naturally formed obsidian riverbed, the softest brewing water creates a challenge to brew sake. Turning the downside into an upside, we borrow the power of time and the virtue of patience to brew our sake. Overtime, the modest mineral levels gently feed the self-cultivated yeast to form a miracle growing process in a below-zero temperature environment, which in turn generates a healthy medium for a perfect fermentation of the koji mash to drive out the essentials of the rice at a deeper and richer level. Through a long, labor intensive, slow and attentive fermentation process, the finest and delightful sake is yielded.


Shuzo Story


187 years of tradition and talent are combined with modern techniques and innovation

Founded in 1834, deep in the mountains of Nagano, our prestigious shuzo is surrounded by nature and blessed with the purest water and good weather. Combining 187 years of tradition and talent with modern techniques and innovation, our brewery has achieved more than 21 gold medals in national and international sake competitions. We contract grow the sake rice with local farmers and are committed to lower the carbon footprint by optimizing the polishing rate and 100% recyclable packaging.



The unique key essence of this incomparable sake

Kokuyo Water

GoSenHa Junmai Daiginjo is made from a luxurious super soft water called Kokuyo water, the best drinking water in Japan. The water is snow water filtered through mountains comprised of Obsidian. Treated by the natural energy field, far-infrared rays, and the magnetic force of Obsidian, the super soft water comes with a less aggregation of water molecules. The characteristic of the Obsidian water brings out the fragrance and delicious taste of the rice giving a moment of minerality to the sake.

Hitogokochi Rice

Discover the beauty of 100% rare “Hitogokochi” rice. Grown in the cool waters around the mountains, our rice has large grains and a well-aligned white starch heart "Shinpaku" that is the key for premium sake brewing. We are able to draw a much purer and higher grade sake without an excessive electricity consumption and carbon footprint, and needless overcharge to the consumer. The rice is also harvested through fair-trade contract cultivation with young local farmers.

Ice Temperature Aging

After bottling, all sakes are stored in our refrigerated warehouses where the temperature is attentively kept between 0 - 2 Celsius degrees throughout the year. We pay out keen attention to secure the quality of the sake when it comes to storage and aging conditions, so that you can always enjoy it at its best.

[初夢] | 極上

HATSUYUME, “First Dream”

Ultra Premium

Exclusively designed & brewed by THE SAKE LAB

Listed by 1,2,& 3 stars Michelin Starred restaurants

5 Star Customer Reviews

Forbes Travel Magazine recommended

Origin: Nagano, Japan

ABV: 15%

Polish Rate: confidential

Size: 720ml

SMV: 0

Rice: 100% Hitogokochi, Organic

Class: Ultra-Premium

Aroma: Lilac, Orchid

Taste: Blueberry, Starfruit, White flower

Serving Guide: Store in dry cool place. Enjoy the product within 2 days after opening. Chill till 45-50F(8-10C) before drinking

Food Pairing: Light dishes like flatfish sashimi, steamed sea bream, boiled tofu, light salad


“First Dream”

Ultra Premium

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