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極上日本酒  限定醸造



authentic, exclusive

limited brewed sake

hand crafted in Japan

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Experience the height of sophistication with our ultra premium sake.

For over 19 years, we have emerged as a pioneer in the sake and fine dining industry, fueled by our passion for life and art. Our desire to rebuild the landmark remains strong and we proudly present our own creations of ultra-premium sake.

We source only the purest ingredients and brew them in our historical breweries, blessed with the irreplaceable localities and cultures of Japan.

Let us be your gateway to a new world of sake.


Brew Sake.   Brew moments.

​五千仞 | GOSENHA


Timeless, the landmark of ultimate uniqueness and the highest quality




Legacy 1838

Generations of Expertise Since 1838

Since 1838, the tradition of crafting sake has been handed down for generations in our breweries, and each batch is still crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail.

Though some of the methods used to craft the sake remain the same, new technologies have allowed the sake to reach an even higher level of sophistication and quality. As a result, the sake is able to honor both its past and its future.



Tip top tier

Brewed in Japan with highest standard

Quality control is paramount, and we take every step necessary to ensure that our sake meets our exacting standards. At our brewery, we take extra steps to ensure quality and consistency in the production of our premium sake. Every step is monitored and recorded to ensure the highest quality. We follow strict brewing practices to yield the purest high end sake, and use special tanks for fermentation.




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No mix-and-match

Team Junmai. Not mixed assemblages

We are committed to providing consistently pure junmai sake. We do not use blended sake or follow created trends. Instead, we insist on only brewing the top quality sake, with no added extra alcohol or color or flavors. 

All of our sake is junmai level, meaning that it is brewed solely from rice, water, kobo, and koji. We strive to bring you the best in sake, and guarantee a consistently great taste every time.




A recognition or two

Michelin Starred Restaurants' Choice

Our premium sake has been recognized by a group of the industry's leading culinary institutions, including Michelin-starred restaurants and awards-winning establishments.

We have also earned a 5-star customer rating from the most discerning consumers. Rather than solely relying on cliched recognition, we have also built our reputation on the quality of our product and the satisfaction of our customers.


International Wine & Sake Challenge Gold Winner x3

Australian Sake Challenge Gold Winner

Kanto Shinetsu Regional Sake & Liquor Appraisal Award for excellency x20



Trusted by top industry partners

Proud supplier abide by the high standards and practice





Slowly and attentively fermented below 0 °C

Extracting the purest water in Japan from the snow alps areas, as it’s filtered through a naturally formed obsidian riverbed, the softest brewing water creates a challenge to brew sake. Turning the downside into an upside, we borrow the power of time and the virtue of patience to brew our sake. Overtime, the modest mineral levels gently feed the self-cultivated yeast to form a miracle growing process in a below-zero temperature environment, which in turn generates a healthy medium for a perfect fermentation of the koji mash to drive out the essentials of the rice at a deeper and richer level. Through a long, labor intensive, slow and attentive fermentation process, the finest and delightful sake is yielded.


Sources So Pure

Snow mountain glacier water, Organic rice

At our brewery, we only use the finest ingredients to produce a high-end Japanese sake. We source our purest water from the snow-capped mountains, and our clear sky and ample sunlight provides the perfect environment for our organic and sustainable ingredients.


Our local farm provides us with contract-grown rice, which is carefully chosen and inspected for quality. We also ensure that all our ingredients come from local, organic and sustainable sources. The rice is also harvested through fair-trade contract cultivation with young local farmers.

We use a luxurious super soft water, one of the best drinking water in Japan. The water is snow water filtered through mountains comprised of Obsidian. Treated by the natural energy field, far-infrared rays, and the magnetic force of Obsidian, the super soft water comes with a less aggregation of water molecules. The characteristic of the Obsidian water brings out the fragrance and delicious taste of the rice giving a moment of minerality to the sake.

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Takes a Master to Make Masterpieces

Labor, Care, and Dedication

At our brewery, we take great pride in our hand brewed sake. Our brewing masters work for long hours to create a slow and attentive fermentation process, all done with care and dedication. We believe that brewing the perfect sake is a life time goal, and we strive to make sure that every bottle of sake is brewed with the utmost care and dedication. These traditional methods are to bring out the depth of flavor and character of our sake, and never cut corners in order to ensure the perfect flavor. We believe that hand brewed sake is a labor of love, and we make sure to put our heart into every brew.

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Secret is Safe when it is at Home

Family self-cultivated secret Koji and Kobo

Our brewery isolated Koji and yeast has been cultivated since the founding of our brewery, and is a family kept secret that has been passed on for generations. The special yeast and koji is not circulated in the market, and is the magic touch that gives our premium and unique Japanese sake its distinctive profile. Our brewery isolated koji and yeast are the key ingredientd that bring out the best flavor and aroma in our sake.



A touch of AI

Optimized Polishing Rate

AI enhanced technology equips us to find the optimal polishing rate and methodology for our sake. This helps to maximize the beauty of shinpaku and gives our sake the consistent great flavor. By using this technology, it is beneficial to both our clients and the environment, as we are able to produce a higher quality product while using less resources.


We are proud to be able to provide the best sake to our customers while stay sustainable for the future.

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Viva Mañana

Saving the Environment, One Sip at a Time

At our brewery, we prioritize green energy to ensure that our sake is produced in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. We have installed solar panels on our property to reduce our energy waste by 30%, and have optimized our polishing process to increase the productivity of our sake. We are proud to be a part of the green energy movement, and will continue to take steps to ensure that our sake is produced in a way that reduces our environmental impact.


100% Recycling Packaging

Our Japanese sake is packaged with 100% recyclable materials such as glass, paper, and metal. We strive to embrace new innovations in green packaging and proudly recycle used bottles from clients. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the recyclable packaging, ensuring that every step of the production process is eco-friendly. We are proud to offer a product that not only tastes delicious, but is also packaged with recyclable materials, making it a guilt-free indulgence.

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